When I saw the opportunity to join Sandra’s Woman Who Achieves Academy, I knew it would be one of the best decisions I have invested in.

I wasn’t wrong as her weekly hints and tips are invaluable to me on my journey to a becoming a public speaker. Sandra’s generosity in such a challenging time for people in the lockdown is overwhelming.

She has a calming and supportive manner which makes her a pleasure to listen to and her words are spoken with sincerity and integrity. I have felt a sense of her innate warmth and her experience is evident in so many areas. I am not at all surprised that this incredible lady has an MBE.

Abbi Head

Unisex Jewellery Designer, Amoreantos

Power Up Your Personal Brand and get visible from just £35 per month (12 month payment plan, no renewal. This is a one-off subscription). Grow yourself and your business with the Woman Who Achieves Academy.

The Woman Who Achieves Academy is a fast track environment of learning and support to help you power up your personal brand and get visible.

People buy from people they know, like and trust and it’s so important right now to be visible.




LEARN: There is a lot of learning in the Academy. You will learn from the Units, from others in the group and from taking action. Structured to complete entirely at your leisure to enable you to up-skill.

SUPPORT: Group Mentoring and support from Woman Who Founder, Sandra Garlick MBE, on business growth topics, ensuring you ACHIEVE your goals. Support from other group members which lead to collaborations and growing your own network.

GROW: Grow yourself and grow your business. Grow into the business person you really ought to be and your business will grow as a result.


ACHIEVE… that’s the ultimate aim of the Academy. To help you ACHIEVE in all areas.


What is visibility?


It’s not rocket science. It’s about being seen in the right places by your ideal client so that you are the ‘go to’ person. You’re right at the forefront of someone’s mind when they want or need your product or service.

If I were to ask you a question…

Who would you go to if you needed a family law solicitor? Would you turn to Yell (does it still exist??) google it, or ask for a recommendation?

Someone may spring to mind in an instant as you’ve seen them… a lot. They’ve been visible and in some way you feel connected and it’s as if you know them already, even if you’ve never met face to face.

That’s visibility.

You want to be that person that everyone thinks of first… the one who gets recommended, every time.

Would you like to be more visible?


What does it cost?


A one-off payment or spread monthly options (one off payment, no membership or recurring fees). This is not a membership or annual payment, just a ‘once only’ lifetime fee to subscribe. Once you’ve paid the fee (either one off or instalments) that’s it!

£297 (plus VAT)


Need to spread the cost? Monthly payment options are available from £35 per month. (Payment over 3, 6 or 12 months incurs a slightly higher payment due to administration of Direct Debits)

Since becoming a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy, I’ve built some fabulous relationships and gained valuable business knowledge and skills through attending the weekly and monthly networking events.

I’ve got the opportunity to share my story in the next Woman Who book and became a Finalist in the Solopreneur awards.

None of this would’ve happened had I not made a decision to invest in my personal development.

I can highly recommend the membership which is a one off lifetime investment which allows you to grow, develop and achieve business success with like minded women and learn from Sandra’s personal experience which is incredible

Claire Cahill

Confidence & Leadership Coach, Accendo Coaching

“Joining The Woman Who Achieves Academy has been, by far, the best business decision I made for a very long time!

The Academy is home to a motivated group of business women, ready to support each other, who bring their particular skills and knowledge to the group for the benefit of the community.

Sandra is everything you’d expect: a wonderful business role model for us all, and a genuinely caring and warm human being, who shares her knowledge and ideas for our betterment.

In short, The Woman Who Acheves Academy is a safe place for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and even problems, and it also has a social aspect which is much needed right now, in the Autumn of 2020!

I’d wholeheartedly recommend you join us!”

Andrea de Gabriel

Portrait Photographer, Andrea de Gabriel Portrait Photography

Not sure? 

Join the Free Academy Taster Group on Facebook. You’ll get a tiny peak at some of the content, although you get so much more in the Academy itself.

The Academy Taster Group has a few exercises you can do straight away to power up your personal brand and get visible. You can also deliver a ‘live’ video introduction and receive feedback in a safe and supportive environment in the group.

I joined The Woman Who Academy as I was in the throes of setting up my marketing business, ZHR Marketing.  I already knew Sandra Garlick, founder of Woman Who, and knew that any network that she was building would be worth being part of. 

I have already met some great ladies who have provided inspiration and support.  Much more than a networking group, the Academy offers so many opportunities to build your skill set, your confidence and your business, as well as your network.   

Sandra is always incredibly generous with her help and advice, but so are all of the other members.  It’s like being part of a team, even though you may be working on your own. 

It’s been a big help to me already, and I’m very much looking forward to my future within the Academy, and continuing to get to know each of my fellow members so much better.

Zoe Russell

ZHR Marketing

I launched the Woman Who Achieves Academy in May 2020 to help women in business during lock down.

I asked a few simple questions…


  • Are you wondering if your business will survive and thrive right now?
  • Do you want to ensure that you’re visible over the next few months and beyond?
  • Have you been putting off taking action to grow yourself and your business?


The Woman Who Achieves Academy is a place to Learn, Grow, and receive mentoring Support to ACHIEVE

I want to help you come out of lockdown flying and be visible.




… a membership. There are no monthly fees (unless you wish to spread your one-off subscription payment).
… a group where you are left to get on with it. It’s a way for me to share my knowledge, through group mentoring, and there’s lots of it.
… an annual subscription. There are no renewals or annual fees. Once you’ve paid your one-off subscription, you’re in for life.


How good is that?


So let me tell you a little more about what it is and what you’ll get


  • The Woman Who Achieves Academy launched in May and I’m really excited about it. It’s far exceeded my expectations. I’m loving the interaction in the group so far, especially the networking, collaborations and support within the group.
  • The Woman Who Achieves Academy is set up to ensure that you ACHIEVE your goals, power up your personal brand and get visible from the opportunities I create for you.
  • You can take advantage of my wealth of business knowledge too. There’s a lot of it and I want you to have it!
  • The Academy is based in a private Facebook Group and is only accessible to subscribers. So you’ll be in a safe and supportive environment.
  • I host a weekly ‘live’ on Monday at 9.00am to inspire and motivate you for the week ahead and a Zoom group mentoring session every Friday at 1.00pm where you’ll learn something new and you can ask me anything. You can also be a feature speaker.
  • There are tasks and learning units, plus tips, training, mini-challenges and support to ensure that you ACHIEVE your goals.
  • I will be in the group commenting and supporting you throughout the week with encouragement and inspiration. In essence, it’s a way for me to reach more women in business with my mentoring, which I love.
  • I want to make this totally accessible to you and to share my knowledge. I also want to ensure that there is no catch; so there is no membership, no renewal and once you subscribe, you’re in for life!
  • As a bonus, you’ll get lots of networking with other subscribers as the group grows and the chance to craft your offering.
  • You will receive opportunities that will only be offered to Woman Who Achieves Academy subscribers, such as an opportunity to feature in Woman Who publications (I Am A Woman Who), speaking at Woman Who events and other speaker/media requests (I get quite a few of those!).
  • There will be online training sessions, helping you craft your message and reach your clients. Key sessions are around your story, so that you develop it in writing and you’re able to deliver it on stage, confidently with or without notes. Plus, there’ll also be lots about entering Awards.
  • There will be other aspects too that will evolve over time so the content will never get stale and there will always be something new.
  • As soon as you subscribe, I will ask you to set some goals. You can download and complete a very short pre-entry questionnaire so that I can ensure that I tailor the content specifically to you, so that you do ACHIEVE.
  • You can then book your 20 minute goal setting 121 session with me.


I really look forward to seeing you there.

Want to know more?

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