Woman Who Achieves Academy Lite


The Woman Who Achieves Academy Lite is a place to Learn | Support | Grow and most importantly ACHIEVE

This Lite version offers you all the learning, interaction, and networking but you won’t get the opportunities that are afforded to full members of Academy Gold and Academy Platinum.

However, you will get to network, learn, and you will get the interaction of the private Facebook Group with all Academy members. Plus you can always upgrade to the Gold or Platinum membership at any time.

Power Up Your Personal Brand and get visible

Delivered by Woman Who Founder, Sandra Garlick MBE

Sandra Garlick MBE

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The Woman Who Achieves Academy Lite is a place to Learn | Support | Grow

It's a place to get visible through learning and group support created especially for you

  • to achieve and be the best you can be in your business
  • to power up your personal brand, get visible and learn how to be an inspirational keynote speaker
  • network with like-minded women in business


This is a one-off subscription product.


As soon as your payment is received you will receive confirmation and an invitation to join the Woman Who Achieves Academy Facebook Group where you'll get the opportunity to learn, network, and interact with other members.

Once you have signed up you will receive a confirmation email with a downloadable Academy Welcome Workbook to ensure that you get the most from the Academy straight away. You'll also receive a welcome email with a link to the private Academy Facebook Group.

Remember this is a one-off subscription product. There is no renewal and no membership. Once you're in, you're in!

The tasks, training, and group mentoring support are delivered by Sandra Garlick MBE, the Founder of Woman Who. All you have to do is say, I'm in.


Here is what it's all about:




The Woman Who Achieves Academy Lite is a fast-track environment of group learning, mentoring, and networking to help you power up your personal brand, grow yourself, your business, and get visible.
SUBSCRIPTION: A one-off subscription. No ongoing membership fees or renewals.
LEARN: Learning in the group and at the Weekly Zoom.
SUPPORT: Group Mentoring support on your business journey and from the group members every week
GROW: Grow yourself and your business
INSPIRATION: Inspiring stories and a Community to support you in your business journey
TRAINING: Training to help you in all aspects of your personal development, and business growth
ONLINE AND OFFLINE INTERACTION: Online sessions and a private Facebook environment (Face to face sessions are subject to COVID restrictions and Government guidelines)
DIRECTORY: Your feature on the Woman Who Achieves Academy Directory on the Woman Who website.
Don't forget, you can upgrade to the Academy Gold or Academy Platinum membership for more opportunities at any time.
There is so much more in the Academy.
I can't wait to see you there.


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