Meet Sandra

Former Employment Law Solicitor, Mentor, Trainer, Author and Public Speaker


Sandra’s journey spans a number of decades and she’s worked in a variety of sectors.

After starting her working life as a typist, Sandra qualified as a Solicitor in her late 30s, whilst bringing up her two sons as a single parent.

In 2007, Sandra started her own law firm. She soon became the ‘go to’ person in her field and the firm became a niche Legal 500 Employment & Business Law practice. Sandra merged the firm in 2014.

Having a background in sales and marketing helped Sandra grow her business quickly, and always ensured that her profile was active. She soon secured positions on various Committees and Boards.

Sandra mentors women in business, using her unique skill set and her own experience to help them grow their personal brand, and their business.

Sandra is the Founder of Woman Who, a woman in business community which holds annual awards and network events. Sandra is the author of the I Am a Woman Who series, a collection of stories from women in business role models who share their business journey to inspire others. More recently, Sandra has launched the Woman Who Achieves Academy to help women in business get more visible.

Sandra was awarded her MBE for her services to women in business in the West Midlands. She regularly speaks at events and conferences and takes part in panel discussions. Sandra also hosts her own events and events for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

‘I help you to power up your personal brand and get visible.


Are you struggling to get ahead in business? You’re not alone.


Research by the Women’s Business Council revealed the UK economy continues to miss out on the untapped potential of women. What’s more, an RBS study showed that boosting female entrepreneurship could inject £60bn into the UK economy, a figure we simply cannot ignore.


So, although there is much work to be done the time IS right for you to shine… and I will show you how!


Over the last five years, I have built ‘Woman Who’ into a national brand, supporting women in business to grow their personal brand, advance their career and grow their business. Using a proven system developed during my time as a successful business owner and solicitor, I guide you through the simple steps to help you get visible. And who doesn’t want that!?


Want to know more? Just take a look at the Woman Who Achieves Academy’

Sandra Garlick MBE

Sandra also holds a number of voluntary positions:

  • Area Leader Warwickshire & Coventry for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
  • Member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Women in Enterprise Taskforce
  • Business Group Member for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice

Sandra loves shoes, holidays and a cold glass of Prosecco. When she’s not working, she can be found walking her dog, planning one of her Italian getaways or spending time with her two adult sons and grandson.­

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