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Peach Perfect






Have you ever been stuck for an inspirational gift for a friend? Or for a new baby present that they will appreciate in years to come? Or maybe you need a meaningful but affordable gift to celebrate a wedding. I launched Peach Perfect for just such times. Peach Perfect is an online gift shop that sells beautiful and/or practical presents for people like me who want good quality gifts without any gimmicks.

One of the best decisions I made in 2020 was to sign up for the Woman Who Achieves Academy.

I had been to a couple of Woman Who networking events and knew Sandra was an impressive woman! I knew it would help me in some ways, although I wasn’t clear exactly how. I didn’t realise just how valuable membership of this group of like minded women was going to be.

Sandra knows so much, about business, about building your personal brand about public speaking, and she imparts her knowledge so inspiringly. She is warm and supportive and she has created a community of women who reflect those characteristics. We are ‘sisters of the academy’! Roll on the day when we can meet and hug each other!

Kate Findlay

Peach Perfect