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As The Visuals Adviser, I  find creative solutions to almost every area of business including marketing, business planning and communication. Coaches, consultants and speakers are increasingly drawn to my done-for-you design service, perhaps because I am a public speaker and consultant myself regularly testing and updating my methods to provide a professional edge.

I help my clients to be their brand, own their online presence and market their message including presentation graphics, webinar slides, lead magnet material, workbook PDFs and social media graphics, as well as written copy content. I’d probably have been a coach myself after several years as a Community Mental Health Worker, but I know my strength is in visual communication.

Listening helps to clarify where my customers need to focus. I’m increasingly finding that my design packages are helping them to free up their time to actively engage online and focus on what they do best. My ability to deconstruct ideas, concepts, visual and written communication has led me to unlock my clients’ USP and translate that effectively into my content creation.

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I Am A Woman Who (2021 Edition)

My life journey has been a series of moments when I was either lost for words or ‘running off at the mouth’. I know all too well the power of words and, as my father said, ‘There is a word for everything. 



When I saw the opportunity to join Sandra’s Woman Who Achieves Academy, I knew it would be one of the best decisions I have invested in.

I wasn’t wrong as her weekly hints and tips are invaluable to me on my journey to a becoming a public speaker. Sandra’s generosity in such a challenging time for people in the lockdown is overwhelming.

She has a calming and supportive manner which makes her a pleasure to listen to and her words are spoken with sincerity and integrity. I have felt a sense of her innate warmth and her experience is evident in so many areas. I am not at all surprised that this incredible lady has an MBE.

Abbi Head

Unisex Jewellery Designer, Amoreantos