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Jewellery keepsakes which illustrate your unspoken words and free the spirit of your feelings that go beyond explanation. Our uniquely you bespoke design service in sterling silver and solid gold incorporates elements of symbolism which you provide.

We can provide individual one-off pieces or produce small casting runs to celebrate your milestones and special occasions. We also have an online ready to wear unisex collection with charming titles such as Hope, Angel, Shield and Guardian which have backstories that will resonate with your soul, or that of your special someone. Combining the precision of my graphic arts background with a Computer-aided design (CAD) jewellery designer and 3D printing we put the significance of your thoughts and feelings into precious metal.

I am a qualified graphic designer, a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers and have a sponsor’s mark with Goldsmith’s Hall Assay Office, London.