Setting up your business and then sitting back to watch the cogs turn won’t reap many rewards. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to take action towards your growth, which requires you to be innovative.

What does this mean for you?

The Oxford Dictionary defines innovation as ‘the action or process of innovating’ and ‘a new method, idea, product, etc.’

As a business owner, you must constantly review, refine, and refresh your products or services in line with your target audience and the trends of your industry.

The larger corporations can utilise big budgets to help them stay up-to-date and at the forefront of their customer’s mind, but how can you, as a small business owner, innovate?

Reviewing your business

Successful business owners need to analyse their business from the ground up to ensure each area operates at full strength. This takes focus and the ability to be honest with yourself. If something isn’t working, it needs to be reviewed, changed, or even released.

I review my work with Woman Who every three months (that’s every 90 days), to ensure I’m offering precisely what my audience needs. That includes the community, Woman Who Academy, the awards, and all the administration behind the scenes – and there’s a lot!

By reviewing my business, I can keep the content fresh, include new services, and build a dedicated following. I add value which keeps my members coming back for more. The only way I can achieve that is to do a regular honest business review.

When was the last time you reviewed your business? Don’t feel overwhelmed by this task. Start small. Take one ‘department’ at a time and dig deep into what is working well, things that need a refresh, areas that aren’t working for you, parts that aren’t as useful or helpful, etc.

Once you achieve clarity and focus on your business, you can begin to innovate and build on your previous successes.

Here’s a handy method to help you become an innovator: ACT

ACT stands for Action – Commitment – Teamwork, and each element provides a guide to help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to innovation.


Reviewing all aspects of your business is an important action step. Without this knowledge, you have no idea where you can be innovative. Writing your plans down on paper isn’t enough – you must move forward with your ideas.

There are many ways you can innovate, refresh, and grow your business. Here are a few action-step examples for you.

  • Create a new service based on your ideal client’s feedback or FAQs
  • Introduce a new product based on your customer’s wants and needs
  • Review your core values and align your services with how your values sit with your business


Are you passionate about your business? Sometimes, you can fall out of love with certain parts of your business empire over time. Spending time reviewing the pieces you love and loathe will give you clarity on this.

Don’t be afraid to make changes where necessary. If you are not 100% committed to your business, or certain products or services, it’s okay to change them.

If you are trying to attract your ideal client, but the energy you are putting out is less than passionate, your audience will pick up on that. Remember, you aim for your clients to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

Be honest with yourself and make a commitment to love what you do and how you do it.

Any changes you make are not a sign of failure; on the contrary, you are showing your ideal client that you are not afraid to mix things up, do a better job, and find new ways of adding value to their experience.


It may seem strange to include teamwork as part of your innovation plans, but even working as a solopreneur, you can still surround yourself with people willing to help.

Here at Woman Who, our community of like-minded businesswomen understands that support is at the core of everything. You are never on your own.

Accessing the networking members’ knowledge, advice, guidance, camaraderie, and life experiences allows you to ask those crucial questions, beta test any innovations, and feel supported throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

In addition to the network, there is also the Woman Who Academy, a fast-track environment of learning and support to help you power up your personal brand, get visible, and be innovative with your business.

“Since becoming a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy, I’ve built some fabulous relationships and gained valuable business knowledge and skills through attending the weekly and monthly networking events.


I’ve got the opportunity to share my story in the next Woman Who book and became a Finalist in the Solopreneur awards.

None of this would’ve happened had I not made a decision to invest in my personal development.


I can highly recommend the membership which is a one off lifetime investment which allows you to grow, develop and achieve business success with like minded women and learn from Sandra’s personal experience which is incredible.” Claire Cahill, Confidence & Leadership Coach, Accendo Coaching and Woman Who Ambassador


Review and refresh your business today

What small action steps can you take today to help you become more innovative?

Here are some of my favourite reviewing techniques:

  • Check your social media content and campaigns. What worked and what didn’t? Were there specific posts or campaigns that created positive engagement? Did anything stand out for your audience?

  • Is your Google My Business up to date? Have you refreshed your working hours and uploaded a recent blog post or event? If a new client found you on Google, is your brand appealing?

  • Does your website need a refresh? Are your copy and content fresh and engaging? Do you add regular blog posts?

  • Is your brand still representative of you and your business, or does it need an overhaul?

Take a few hours to review your products or services, administrative processes, online content, and other areas to get a clear overview of where you can innovate and grow your business.


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