When lockdown started all Woman Who events were cancelled! From lockdown the Woman Who Achieves Academy was born; an online network for women in business who wanted to get visible and power up their personal brand. The Academy has continued and thrived and the women have grown in confidence, sharing their stories on stage, in print, and in various online media.


Congratulations Claire Cahill of Accendo Coaching & Training, Winner of a Woman Who Achieves Academy Award 2021.


The Woman Who Achieves & Solopreneur Awards took place on Friday 1st October. This year we held a hybrid event with many joining us in the Marquee at Coombe Abbey and those that couldn’t, joining online.


Congratulations Claire on your achievements and thank you for your support for the Academy over the last 12 months. Congratulations also to all the Winners and Finalists for your support in making this event into an amazing hybrid Awards event.


Claire is a Woman Who Achieves Academy member and Ambassador, and will continue her journey with Woman Who over the coming months, so watch out for more from Claire.


I am truly honoured and humbled to be the winner of the special Academy award.

I love being part of a community that supports women to be their best selves and provides fabulous opportunities for all. I feel proud to continually support Sandra as an Ambassador and cannot wait to see what the future holds.  

(Claire Cahill pictured with Andrea de Gabriel, the Winner of the 2020 Academy Award)

I am an award winning Executive Confidence & Leadership Coach and published author of Empowering Employee Engagement – How to ignite your team for peak performance specialising in Employee Engagement. I create a safe psychological space to enable busy stressed out leaders to step out of the hamster wheel and have time to get their creative juices flowing. Accendo is the latin for ignite and this is what I do, ignite leaders potential for them and their teams to be their best selves, shining in all their glory, playing to their strengths, whilst challenging the status quo to implement and embrace change.


What can I say about Claire? Always on hand to offer her support to others, to volunteer to host my events, and a true Ambassador for Woman Who and everything it stands for. It was a difficult decision this year as the ‘Academy Sisters’, as they call themselves, all excel in their own special way. However, Claire stood out this year as an exceptional Academy Member. (Sandra Garlick MBE, Founder of Woman Who)

Congratulations to all the Finalists in this Category

I am thrilled to be recognised for my contribution to the Woman Who Achieves Academy. We have supported each other and developed our personal brands throughout lockdown as one entity. Now we encourage a shared resilience as we enter the new world without restrictions. Embracing the ethos of this group of ladies means that my actions are not taken for reciprocation. However, it is said that we are rewarded in public for the things that we do in private.

Abbi Head

The Visuals Adviser

Ali Fleming

Harmony Glass

Woman Who Achieves Academy

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Woman Who Achieves Academy and how it can help you get visible and power up your personal brand, you can find out more by clicking below.