As I consider my business opportunities for the months ahead, I often think of the connections I will make, the experience and knowledge we will share, and how successful communication will develop these relationships in the future. In every area of my life, there is a passion to bring clarity and that is quite literally my vision.


I know that I am blessed to have not only my sight but I have also been given a designer’s toolkit to help me to understand and master it. Essentially however I am a driven communicator, I know that we have several equally important senses, of which sight is just one. To use all of these senses effectively is my purpose, both for myself and for the people I meet and work with. It may be a result of the conceptual studies route I studied at university with my Graphic Design education. It could be the memory of trying to design an appropriate chess board for blind people years before at art college. Maybe the memory of struggling like many graphic designers with the universal symbol that is neither male nor female yet still represents the human form became the deciding factor.  Or it could have become embedded by showing my parents my artwork as a young child determined that they understand the ideas in my head.


Whatever the cause, communication is now my purpose as a creative and designer. It is my role to enter the incredible ‘mind’s eye’ of my clients and translate those sometimes-rudimentary ideas and thoughts into something that communicates to an audience of customers and prospective customers.


When everything seems to be overwhelming, confusing, and almost impossible I often think of this as my purpose and where that will lead. Sharing the lexicon of the visual language is my role as The Visuals Adviser, which does include the use of music in social media graphics and video business plans already. However, I am also a public speaker where I am heard and seen in presentations online, including creating visuals for slideshows. Since embarking on my journey into business as a jewellery designer, I have since developed the essence of logo design as tactile precious metal sculptures with Amoreantos. One day soon you may smell the aroma of your brand or I will take the next step inspired by the Futurist art movement and have a cookbook to reveal what represents you too. The options are endless when we think of branding with all of the senses now. You could say it makes so much more ‘sense’. This is my vision as a designer and a business owner.


However, this desire to build a business is also fuelled by my personal passion and my experience of mental health. I have an overwhelming desire is to use this individual growth, to share this momentum, to powerfully exude that resilience as I succeed and learn from failure, to generate an audience that needs to hear positivity about mental health recovery. My preferred tutors at university were the ones with careers in their field. I aspire to be like them with business acumen to inspire those who need reassurance.


I want to build a successful business not just for me, but to show that it can be done despite every negative doubt, every worry that it will be too much, regardless of every time I fall back emotionally and each and every moment of overpowering excitement and disappointment. I am compelled by the people who I have met who have said they need “someone like us” to succeed. I want to help others to see by example that mental health is not an end but a beginning. The only way to do that is to build, to use my skills, to communicate, to share and believe in me as others have. I want to create an environment where it is a strength to be vulnerable and for people to turn disability on its head.


That is my purpose, passion, and vision. I am a dreamer of dreams that become realities.


Abbi Head