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Introducing Dawn Simpson Lane of Lanes Employment Solutions and Finalist in the Woman Who Achieves Phoenix Category of the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2020 (Midlands Region

Name: Dawn Simpson Lane

Business Name: Lanes Employment Solutions

Twitter Name: @lanessolutions

Who inspires you and why? Still to this day, my late mum and nan inspire me. Mum was the most gentle soul you could ever imagine and would help absolutely anyone. However, my nan on the other hand, was a force to be reckoned with and would put people exactly in their place (if she needed to) – and I appear to have become a true combination of them both (either that or I am a typical Gemini with a split personality)

What was your first job? My very first job was a shop assistant at Littlewoods whilst I was training to become a hairdresser (however, whilst hairdressing was my ‘ideal job’ from about the age of 10 – I passed all my qualifications, went to work in a salon for six weeks and HATED IT……) – so three years wasted! However, it’s come in handy now that I can groom my dogs.

What’s your top business tip? I have three top tips: BE GENIUNE, BE REAL and BE HONEST. People are not stupid and can see through someone who is not being authentic. Don’t be fake – people shouldn’t shy away from who they are (i.e. if they are less intelligent, if they have a form of disability etc – everyone has a part to play in the working environment and we should embrace diversity as a true driver of expanding our mindsets) and lastly, even if you have a tough message to deliver as a business leader or manager, then be honest and say it. People would much rather be informed than make assumptions. Equally, we all make mistakes (we are human after all) and if you do, then be honest about it. Making mistakes is sometimes the best way to learn, but don’t push blame or cover up, that benefits no-one.

What’s your favourite business book or podcast? Sorry for giving a wishy-washy answer here, but I don’t actually have one. I read hundreds of books and without question, I learn something from all of them. So to pinpoint just one is actually impossible – there are a huge amount of great authors out there – and I like to understand different perceptions and viewpoints.

What’s your favourite quote? “You have one life – so live it…….”

and just for fun…

Who would at the top of your guest list for dinner and why? This is a really hard one actually (and assuming you can choose someone who is no longer with us) – but I think mine would have to be – Princess Diana – I had such huge respect for her and I think I would like to hear some stories from her own mouth.

What’s your favourite film? Undoubtedly “We Built a Zoo” – I am an animal lover beyond belief and if I was Matt Damon I would do exactly the same thing – In fact that is my dream in 10 years to open an animal sanctuary and save animals…..

Tell us about an embarrassing moment (one you can laugh about now). Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow me around and if something is going to happen I am generally close by !!!! to the point where I actually told people not to travel or go away with me, as something was bound to go wrong.

However, I think as a combination of embarrassing moments it has to be the holiday that I shared with my daughter when I was 40. We had saved up to go to the Maldives together.

It’s hard to tell this story without all the actions but to cut a long story short:

Day 1 – I decided to spend some time relaxing on the Lilo and did the ultimate NO NO and fell asleep. My daughter had to rescue me from the deep sea (which took her 20 minutes to swim to me) – needless to say that she didn’t speak to me that evening

Day 2 – We tried some shellfish cocktails as the restaurant and I had the worst ever reaction to the point where my face blew up so much that I was unrecognisable – so I had to be rushed to the medic for an emergency injection.

Day 3 – (As I still wasn’t going to ruin this 7 day holiday- and it was my birthday, after all), we had a massage booked (which I thought was a standard back and neck massage) but to coin a phrase “FULL massage” was an understatement – I was walked on, I had EVERY inch of my body massaged! And then the masseuse decided to pinch my flip flops” – needless to say, I needed a large Bacardi after that ordeal!!

It certainly was a holiday to remember even though I actually physically nearly died twice and certainly died of embarrassment in the massage parlour….. Still it’s one to tell the grandkids 😊