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Woman Who inspires women in business to recognise their achievements, celebrate them and become local women in business role models to inspire others.

The latest Woman Who news…

Less than 4 days to go to the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2020. The Finalists were announced in March so it’s been a long wait. Tickets available for this inspirational online event. Delivered in partnership with @FSBWestMids @FSBEastMids @AlstersKelley https://www.womanwho.co.uk/2020/09/29/less-than-4-days-to-go-until-the-winners-of-the-woman-who-achieves-awards-2020-are-announced-its-going-to-be-a-great-event/

Looking forward to the @WomanWhoUK Awards event on Friday.

Pleased that it can still take place, all be it online for 2020. The event is an opportunity to network, be inspired and to celebrate women in business: https://www.womanwho.co.uk/events/

So pleased that the @WomanWhoUK Awards event can still take place, all be it online for 2020. As usual the event will be an opportunity to network and be inspired by a ‘room’ full of vibrant, passionate people keen to celebrate women in business: Tickets: https://www.womanwho.co.uk/events/

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